Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Peet os a Great guide!!

We use  Peekaboo Peet , the hedgehoog, to present objects , fears, situations that are part of the historic moment  and it's imaginary in each app. In Columbus Sails Peet showed up in all the right places!  It ' s a fun way to learn about symbolic and iconic  Historical  objects and characters and fears they faced( whether imaginary or real!)
In Going west the kids will find him in the iconic Dutch over, in the wagon, playing with wolves and the Bigfoot and many fun places! I said the KIDS....because we grownups very RARELY complete the logbook!! LOL!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vote for us!!!

Hey everyone, please vote for Hitstory Kids - Going West at the Weekly Top Apps! 


Friday, April 11, 2014

We are going west...

Our second episode is available at Apple Store. Free app! It was designed to promote interest and healthy development of fine skills. Our project develops app for early childhood based on iconic episodes of American history. All put together by a diverse team: Historians, musicians, graphic designers and educators! Lots of research and test groups conducted to choose the fantastic touch/tap/swipe interactions! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Egg Hunting!

Artistic Egg Hunting at the Metropolitan Museum in NY!  Various Artists decorated  eggs that will be displayed from April 9th to 27th! Beautiful! 
The egg  hunting tradition brought to our country by the German immigrants in the 1700s evolved, didn't it? 

Viktoria lives at the zoo in Hanover, in Germany! Look at the beautiful egg she found! Filled with carrots! And the decoration is so beauriful! Happy Easter , Viktoria!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

'Going West' and new reviews!

Hey guys!

When we launched Columbus Sails it got excellent reviews and through these mommy bloggers and other influential people we began to gain some visibility... Well one thing leads to another and we got to "meet" all of you! A  wonderful web of engament!  We hope you all enjoy 'Going West', coming soon and spread the word! So, if you'd like to review it, drop us a line (hitstorykids@hitstorykids.com) or send us a DM on Twitter, or maybe an inbox on Facebook and let us know! We would looooooove to hear from you, guys! <3

High quality apps in demand!!

Modern life has become intense... to put it mildly! So many parents juggle between jobs, carpools, activities driving through traffic, enduring long lines at the supermarket etc! You guys know! The iPad is not only a trend. It is an aid! A good app will  not only distract children in these situations, but also promote a healthy development. A high quality app  for toddlers doesn't teach... It INSPIRES! Colors, sounds and images are  definitely what arouses interest and curiosity in a young child. 

The use of the iPad also promotes healthy development of fine skills and prepares them for a more and more digital world.  

Our project as app developers for this age  conducted endless and serious research on the field of early childhood  to provide  this high quality!


And don't forget to take them Outdoors too! Parks, seesaws, slides, hide and seek, picking flowers, playing with the dog should NEVER be forgotten! Nothing will ever substitute these precious moments!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter bunnies

Hey guys!

Easter is just around the corner! For Christians, it is a time of deep religious feelings and more symbols and meanings than we could ever hope to convey in a simple blog post. However, it is also a great time for you to involve your little one in different activities such as egg decorating and egg hunting. All in all, the days leading up to Easter could be some of the best time of the year.

Now, over here in the Creative Team camp, we have to admit we are not particularlly gifted when it comes to crafts. Our forté is researching and, in some cases, playing instruments. To be fair, we all now our way around a song or two, but one of us is just a bit of a genius when it comes to musice. However, we digress! As we've said before, our forté is searching. So, we've searched the web for some great Easter activities and some of the best ideas can be found here, here or here.

Also, you might be interested in knowing that rabbits, hares and eggs are symbols of fertility dating from Antiquity.  As Easter is in early spring, the whole fertility thing makes a lot of sense... specially if you consider that, throughout History, Christianity made a point of encorporating old festivals and pagan celebrations  into its holy days.

The Easter bunny was originally a hare and the first records date back to Germany in the 1600's, where eggs were also decorated with paingings of flowers to celebrate spring. Over the past 400 years or so, traditions have changed and evolved into our modern day Easter bunny and delicious chocolate eggs. Most of the customs we now associate with Easter where introduced in America by German immigrant in Pennsylvania! Danke schon!

Tks to Piece of Cake for this delicious picture!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dublin Zoo

Hey guys!

So, we're back home and we can finally share with you, in greater details, our day at the Dublin Zoo, which was, we have to say, spetacular!

Now, for a long time, zoos have been a big of a tension point here with the Creative Team. Some of us are really into it but some of us don't really even like the concept of zoos. After long discussions - yes, we do that a lot, and yes, they do involve lattes and guitars and prolonged monologues -, however, we have concluded that we cannot and should not, ever, pass on a monolithic judgement on zoos.

Originally, zoos were more like private collections of wild and exotic animals and they could also be really cruel enviroments. Most of the times, people had no idea how important it was to give these animals space and comfort or a semblance of their original habitats - for more info on zoos, particuarlly during the 19th century, click here. However, over the past decades this has changend considerably. Some zoos, like the San Diego Zoo, which our team visited a couple of months ago, have, in fact, become central points not only for studying and preserving endangered species but also for educating future generations.

And there is no way we can deny children love zoos. So, taking them to a good zoo can actually be a fun experience filled with learning possibilities. This is exactly the case with the Dublin Zoo. One of the oldest zoos in the world, it is famous worldwide for its successful breeding rates. In fact, it is part of several breeding programmes - one of the many things we've learned from highly informative pannels displayed throughout the zoo.

Something else we've learned is that there isn't just an 'endangered' and an 'extinct' category for animals. Actually it is a lot more complicated than that and for each animal we could see, the zoo provided us with graphic information concerning the status of said animal: 'of least concern'; 'near threatened'; 'vulnerable','endangered'; 'critically endangered'; 'extinct in the wild' and 'extinct'.

Animal status info
As you can see, the graphic information is just brilliant: simple and quite straightforward. Moreover, it gives us a bit of sense of other activities the zoo is involved in as well, such as fundraising and awareness campaigns.

However, if we still haven't convinced you to save up some time on your schedule when visiting Dubling to stroll along the zoo - but do make it quite some times as the kids really will not want to leave in a hurry! - this might just make you change your mind! :-)

Asiatic lions, about 350 remain in the wild (India); endangered
Red Panda (Himalaya, mountains of China and Burma)
Sumatran tiger, about 400 remain in the wild; critically endangered

Rothchild's Giraffe, fewer than 250 adults remain in the wild; endangered
Southern white rhinoceros, about 20,000 survive in the wild; near threatened
Okapi, 10,000 - 35,000 remain in the wild; near threatened