Sunday, April 20, 2014


Going West was voted second best app of the week on IHeartThisApp!

It' s such a high quality app that it really deserves it!

Thanks everyone!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rebirth, renewal and freedom!

It's EASTER! Historians have this compulsive behavior: we want to know all about the beginning of things!

So  we can't control this URGE to  share  with you guys a bit about  the significance of  the renewal, rebirth and liberation linked to EASTER and to mankind since the beginnings of time!

The matrix of it all is hope and gratitude.

Easter  frequently overlaps with Jewish Passover. It's also the time when the 'pagan' festivals of the olden days in different regions of Europe occurred. SPRING!

Rejoicing has always been  a part of human rites. Being thankful and celebrating the gratitude are human practices in all cultures and religions. 

Gratitude and giving thanks build a reservoir of gratitude and hope!

The end of a harsh winter, the rising of Christ, the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt are a clear examples of this.

Wish you all a bunch  of rejoicing, liberation, gratitude... and, of course,LOTS of chocolate eggs!!!! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Peet os a Great guide!!

We use  Peekaboo Peet - the hedgehog - to present objects, fears, and situations that are part of the historic moment in each episode of our app. 
In "Columbus Sails", Peet showed up in all the right places!  It was (still is) a fun way to learn about symbolic and iconic  Historical  objects and characters they faced( whether imaginary or real!)
In Going west the kids will find him in the super iconic Dutch oven, in the wagon, playing with wolves and the Bigfoot... and in many other fun places! 

I said the KIDS....because we grownups very RARELY complete the logbook!! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vote for us!!!

Hey everyone, please vote for Hitstory Kids - Going West at the Weekly Top Apps!

Friday, April 11, 2014

We are going west...

Our second episode is available at Apple Store. Free app! It was designed to promote interest and healthy development of fine skills. Our project develops app for early childhood based on iconic episodes of American history. All put together by a diverse team: Historians, musicians, graphic designers and educators! Lots of research and test groups conducted to choose the fantastic touch/tap/swipe interactions! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Egg Hunting!

Artistic Egg Hunting at the Metropolitan Museum in NY!  Various Artists decorated  eggs that will be displayed from April 9th to 27th! Beautiful! 
The egg  hunting tradition brought to our country by the German immigrants in the 1700s evolved, didn't it? 

Viktoria lives at the zoo in Hanover, in Germany! Look at the beautiful egg she found! Filled with carrots! And the decoration is so beauriful! Happy Easter , Viktoria!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

'Going West' and new reviews!

Hey guys!

When we launched Columbus Sails it got excellent reviews and through these mommy bloggers and other influential people we began to gain some visibility... Well one thing leads to another and we got to "meet" all of you! A  wonderful web of engament!  We hope you all enjoy 'Going West', coming soon and spread the word! So, if you'd like to review it, drop us a line ( or send us a DM on Twitter, or maybe an inbox on Facebook and let us know! We would looooooove to hear from you, guys! <3

High quality apps in demand!!

Modern life has become intense... to put it mildly! So many parents juggle between jobs, carpools, activities driving through traffic, enduring long lines at the supermarket etc! You guys know! The iPad is not only a trend. It is an aid! A good app will  not only distract children in these situations, but also promote a healthy development. A high quality app  for toddlers doesn't teach... It INSPIRES! Colors, sounds and images are  definitely what arouses interest and curiosity in a young child. 

The use of the iPad also promotes healthy development of fine skills and prepares them for a more and more digital world.  

Our project as app developers for this age  conducted endless and serious research on the field of early childhood  to provide  this high quality!


And don't forget to take them Outdoors too! Parks, seesaws, slides, hide and seek, picking flowers, playing with the dog should NEVER be forgotten! Nothing will ever substitute these precious moments!