Monday, May 19, 2014

Canadian friends!

We' re getting more and more downloads in Canada and I think it' s time to thank our Canadian friends!!  We have metrics that indicate on the map where we get downloads! It ' s very flattering to see the map of the world full of Hitstory Kids apps colors!!! 

 Tatiana, our brilliant scholar just thanked BRAZIL for follows nod downloads on our Facebook fan page!!  ( wow!!! 1000  followers!! ). 

Today  is a great day to thank our Canadian friends!!

Canada celebrates Victoria Day, or Fête de la Reine. It' s a federal holiday, celebrated on the last Monday of May before the 25th to celebrate the current sovereign of Canada' s birthday. 

It started  during Queen Vichoria' s reign. It' s all part of Canada' s rich and diverse heritage! 
It also informally celrbrates the beginnings of Summer festivities!!

Thank you, Canadian friends!!
Merci à tous ceux qui me suivent!!!

Have a wonderful SUMMER!!!!! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

1000 followers on Facebook!!!!

We' re celebrating !!! I hope you all follow us on Facebook! And Instagram!! 
On Facebook: PeekabooPeet!! 
This is what Tatiana posted yesterday!! Awesome!!  Have a great Sunday!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Previous references

Hey guys!

Some of you emailed us about the reference picture we posted yesterday. That one was for "Going West", which is available for FREE @ the App Store. It worked for that particular adventure, but it was not universal. For "Columbus Sails" (which is also available for FREE @ the App Store), we needed other references.

As "Columbus Sails" was the first episode we produced, it was even harder for us to figure out what to do and there were several attempts till we finally found what we were looking for... Check these images out, these are two references we used for our first adventure: one is the Port of Palos, in Spain and the other is Columbus final (unforseen) destination in Central America!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hey guys,

We got some great responses from our last post about drafts and making of's so we decided to share some more with you...

When we started producing "Going West" - that is, after all the research was done and we had a huge list of do's and don'ts - we talked about colors a lot. We wanted them to reflet the landscape, being true to reality but we also wanted to make sure we had enough contrast to captures the child's attention. We tried several different color and style references and the one that really caught our eyes was this one.

You can see how it differs from our actual screens but you can also see that all the references are there! And just look at that white horse and tell me he is not the most adorable horse you have ever seen!!!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hey guys!

These past few weeks we've been going through loads of our notes and drafts. Some of us - yeah, Anna, I'm talking to you - have it all in notebooks and color coded handwritten notes. Others - yeah, that would be and Clara - have several folders in our computers that tell the story of how HitStory Kids came to be - step by step.

This is a draft for the first screen of "Going West". It is actually NOT one of the first things we have ever done, as this one was produced a little later on but it's still quite cool and we couldn't help but sharing it with y'all!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Imaginary and mythological creatures

Hey guys!

When we started out planning Peet's adventures, one of the things that we were most excited about was the possibility to play with imaginary / mythological creatures! I mean, we were pretty sure it would make our cute hedgehog's adventures a lot cooler but we also knew it would be a chance to explore different mindsets and imageries!

This is why on "Columbus Sails" we had a kraken and now, with "Going West", we have this guy here, the Big Foot! We're not sure which one we love the most. But we were wondering, what is your favorite imaginary / mythological creature and would have it in another of Peet's adventure?

Monday, May 12, 2014

HitStory Kids Theme

Hey guys!

I know we haven't been as active as we usually are latetly. Thing is, we have had a bunch of meetings and hopefully we will have AMAZING news for y'all soon!

In the meantime, you really should check this video out! This is our Musical Director, Ricardo Carneiro. He is awesome!:-)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day coming soon!

To all Mothers! To those that give  birth. To those that give life!! To the effort to care to protect and to do what is best. For the love, for the courace! God bless  you all!! 

Don' t mess with MY kids!!! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Going West was voted second best app of the week on IHeartThisApp!

It' s such a high quality app that it really deserves it!

Thanks everyone!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rebirth, renewal and freedom!

It's EASTER! Historians have this compulsive behavior: we want to know all about the beginning of things!

So  we can't control this URGE to  share  with you guys a bit about  the significance of  the renewal, rebirth and liberation linked to EASTER and to mankind since the beginnings of time!

The matrix of it all is hope and gratitude.

Easter  frequently overlaps with Jewish Passover. It's also the time when the 'pagan' festivals of the olden days in different regions of Europe occurred. SPRING!

Rejoicing has always been  a part of human rites. Being thankful and celebrating the gratitude are human practices in all cultures and religions. 

Gratitude and giving thanks build a reservoir of gratitude and hope!

The end of a harsh winter, the rising of Christ, the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt are a clear examples of this.

Wish you all a bunch  of rejoicing, liberation, gratitude... and, of course,LOTS of chocolate eggs!!!!